SmartHeap and SmartHeap MC

SmartHeap is a fast (3X-100X faster than compiler-supplied libraries), portable (Windows, Linux, Solaris, HP-UX, IBM-AIX, Dec OSF Tru64, SGI Irix), reliable, ANSI-compliant malloc/operator new library. SmartHeap supports multiple memory pools, includes a fixed-size allocator, and is thread-safe. SmartHeap also includes comprehensive memory debugging APIs to detect leakage, overwrites, double-frees, wild pointers, out of memory, references to previously freed memory, and other memory errors.

In 2011 MicroQuill introduced SmartHeap for Multi-Core, which delivers dramatic performance improvements for heap-intensive multi-threaded apps running on today's multi-core workstations. Available on Windows and Linux.  Learn more about the challenges of heap management on multi-core systems

SmartHeap MC vs. the Windows 7 CRT

As you can see, SmartHeap is almost 5x faster than the CRT, and the graphs of CPU and memory usage during the benchmarks is very telling -- Win7/CRT now uses more than one CPU, but is not fully utilizing any of the CPUs and half of the CPUs are at zero, meaning the CRT heap is still stalling CPUs.
We used an 8-way Intel Core i7 with 12GB RAM and Visual Studio 2008. The source code for the test program is here

Win 7 CRT time: 80 sec
CPU utilization 23%
  SmartHeap time: 22 sec
CPU utilization 100%

SmartHeap for Multi-Core

Download the SmartHeap Getting Started Guide (pdf)
which shows how easy it is to relink your app to SmartHeap.